About us

Copenhagen based oh simple features elevated essentials in natures finest materials.


oh simple is thoughtful slow fashion design, in nature's best quality materials, produced by skilled craftsmen under certified conditions and close to the origin of materials.

The design ambition is slow fashion with an interesting edge. The starting point of the styles is what the oh woman needs the most in her wardrobe - in terms of functionality, aesthetics, comfort and long-lasting tendencies.

The mission is to make a collection of few styles that can be intermittently mixed and used season after season.


There are many reasons why oh simple prefer silk and cashmere: Silk and cashmere are naturally beautiful, naturally self-cleaning, naturally breathable and temperature regulating - ie. Heats when it’s cold and cools when hot. We use high-quality mulberry silk and best quality cashmere in terms of fineness and fiber length from Inner Mongolia. The natural functional properties of the materials are beneficial to both the carrier and the environment: In addition to being comfortable to wear, so the clothes are used more, there is a need for significantly less washing than clothes in other materials.

Our focus on the good craftsmanship can be seen and felt, when the products hold color, stitches, and shape. We use internationally recognized certifications to ensure that our products are manufactured under both human and environmental proper conditions. The materials used in silk and cashmere products are from the same region as where the product is produced. The closer the materials are to the actual production site, the less the effect of transport on the environment.


The oh simple styles are available on the webshop and also in selected multi-brand boutiques in Denmark and Sweden.

Please contact us at mail@ohsimple.dk if you are interested in the nearest retailer.